Three actives loaded into cereal herbicide combos

A pair of new all-in-one cereal herbicide formulations will be the first to gather in fluroxypyr and bromoxynil with a second Group 4 active.

Nufarm, best known for its packaging of off-patent ag chemicals, has rolled out Enforcer M and Enforcer D, combining fluroxypyr (Group 4) and bromoxynil (group 6) in formulations with Group 4 products MCPA and 2,4-D respectively.

"Nufarm is the first company to put these ingredients together into single product," Kim Bedard, marketing manager for Nufarm’s Canadian arm, said in a release.

Cereal growers have "repeatedly" identified wild buckwheat, cleavers and kochia as their primary concerns in provincial weed surveys, the company said.

The company said it will launch both products for post-emergent use in this crop year, for "control of larger, more established weeds."

Enforcer M, by including MCPA ester, will have "a wider application window and better control on weeds such as hempnettle, chickweed and Canada thistle." The product is registered for use in spring wheat, durum, winter wheat and barley.

Enforcer D, which uses 2,4-D instead of MCPA, is thus "extremely effective against Russian thistle, stinkweed, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard and redroot pigweed" and is registered for spring wheat and barley, Nufarm said.

By combining Group 4 and 6, the Enforcer products can be used as a resistance management tool against Group 2-resistant weeds and glyphosate-resistant kochia, the company added.

Both versions can be used with various tank mix partners and offer a choice between two rate options (0.25 and 0.5 litres per acre) depending on weed pressure, the company said.


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