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Innovation is what drives agriculture production. It makes your operation faster, safer, more efficient and more profitable. Canada’s Farm Progress Show is your best place to see all the new and innovated products that agriculture companies and dealers have to offer.

Several companies have been recognized at Canada’s Farm Progress Show for showcasing an innovative agriculture product or service. Each of these innovations has been qualified by Canada’s Farm Progress Show Innovations Committee as a unique, new or improved product in the agriculture industry. It was then critiqued by a panel of judges. Products and services ranked highest by the judging panel will receive either a Gold Standard Award or Sterling Standard Award.

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An electronic farmland rental auction website that identifies “for rent” land and allows farmers to bid on rental land.

by Renterra.

HES Manufacturing Aeration


Do it yourself retro-fit aeration system for hopper bottom bins. To aerate grain in existing or new hopper bottom bins.

by HES.

Airguard Seed Brake


Uses a series of washers at the exhaust port so you can control the airflow to match your specific type of opener. The opener tubes release product vertically so there is little to no air flow needed to dispense product. Helps to achieve perfect seed fertilizer placement by reducing the chance of plugging, from fertilizer dust and other contaminates and delivering products to the furrow with the least amount of turbulent air flow.

by Dutch Openers.

Dynamic Dozer


Pull style grader that swivels and tilts to adjust to changing roads or field conditions.

by Yanush.

Hit N Hitch Pintle


Benefits farmers and construction people when hooking up their farm trucks to pintle hitches. Our new Hit N Hitch Pintle works exactly the same as Power Pin’s Drop Pin for farm tractors. From the cab of the truck the hitching operation can be achieved, it is one trip from cab for truck/trailer hitching but one safe trip. Our new design eliminates many of the problems associated with the current pintle that manually had to be locked down onto the trailer ring. It has a swivel locking plate vertically so there is no room for gravel, ice or salt build up.

by Power Pin Inc.

Seed Treatment Optimized Rate Metering


Introducing the Westfield STORM (Seed Treatment Optimized Rate Metering) — a seed treating application platform specifically designed to maximize the return of the new generation of seed treatment products.

  • Electronic Controls provide ease of use
  • Metering conveyor accurately measures seed flow
  • Peristaltic metering pump precisely meters the seed treatment to match the seed flow
  • Integrated unit with a portable Westfield auger and a Stand-alone unit with optional attachments (i.e. mixing drum) for ultimate flexibility
  • Take the guesswork and mess out of the seed treatment application process.

by Westfield STORM.

Clean Seed Arrow Pod CX-6


A revolutionary new Crossover Pod assembly that combines single pass no-till precision seeding and fertilizing solutions with unrivalled precision metering and product handling capability. The Crossover Pod dramatically improves the quality/efficiency of seeding operations. A combination of advanced technologies that eliminate the machine from being the limiting factor to leading edge site specific management.

by Clean Seed.



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