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  • Comment: In praise of processed foods

    Processed foods exist so we can save time, money, and energy. It has made our food systems more efficient over the years. It is all about convenience. In recent years though, the health attributes of processed foods have increasingly come under scrutiny for a variety of biased and unbiased reasons. Many reports by professional and[...]

  • Comment: Food affordability. The perfect economic storm

    The two necessities in life are food and shelter. It looks like both are getting much more expensive these days. For a few years now, the cost of food has been the most important food affordability barrier. Not anymore. The cost of housing is now seen by Canadians as the most significant barrier. A recent[...]

  • Comment: The great reset awaits for Canada's restaurants

    It was certainly a year to be forgotten for the food service. StatsCan numbers told us this week that sales in the food-service industry dropped by a whopping 32 per cent, from Q4 2019 to Q4 2020. The food retail/service ratio, an important metric to assess how important food service is in our lives, also[...]

  • Comment: The need to grow, in Canada

    We learned recently that McCain Foods has upped the ante in TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture and its wholly owned subsidiary GoodLeaf Farms, Canada’s largest commercial vertical farming operation. McCain has invested $65 million in GoodLeaf, making it the single largest shareholder in the venture. The idea is to create a national network of sustainable vertical farms[...]

  • Comment: ‘Hard’ truths about butter

    For months now, thousands of Canadians have taken to social media saying that they have noticed that butter sold in Canada is harder and does not get softer at room temperature. Not all butter is harder, but most of it is. Some people blame winter and the colder weather. The truth is more troubling than[...]

  • Comment: The end of cities?

    It is no secret the pandemic has caused many Canadians to move from cities to the suburbs and even the countryside. According to Statistics Canada, the phenomenon led to a record loss of population in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver in 2020. Vacancy rates are skyrocketing in many urban centres across the country. The same phenomenon[...]

  • Comment: Food safety nationalism

    Many are talking about vaccine nationalism these days, with concerns that some nations are involved in a race to access as many vaccines as possible. Disappointing of course, but highly predictable. Vaccines are seen by the entire western world as our collective portal towards some sort of normalcy. The World Health Organization has rightly registered[...]

  • Comment: Can we ‘free the beer,’ online?

    Interprovincial alcohol distribution in Canada has always been a nightmare. In fact, for our wineries, breweries, and spirit makers, selling alcohol to Americans is easier than selling to consumers outside their own province. Many Canadian alcoholic products like wines, beers, and spirits that have won international prestigious awards cannot be sold to most Canadians. It[...]

  • Comment: Plant based still a thing despite COVID-19

    Think plant protein is just a passing fad? Think again. People are buying. Despite the pandemic and the chaos surrounding containment and vaccination rules, consumers are quietly enjoying the products made from plant proteins and milk alternatives. According to recent data offered by Nielsen, since the start of 2020 sales of vegetable protein products have[...]

  • Comment: Underpaid ‘heroes’

    Almost everyone agrees that grocery store workers should earn better wages, especially during a pandemic. In Canada, their hourly rate hovers around $15 an hour. New hires get about $13 an hour, while the highest paid earn almost $50,000 annually, or about $25 an hour. In a high-volume, low-margin world, salaries are what they are,[...]

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