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AGGronomyTV April 16 – 30 Four equipment manufacturers display their seed treaters is proud to present this new informative web video series. AGGronomyTV is a series of videos that covers today’s top issues related to soil management and crop production.

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April 16 – 30 Four equipment manufacturers display their seed treaters
These presentations were part of an event hosted by Bayer that focused on seed treatment.

Apr 1 – 15 Corn Yield Competition Winner Announced
Allan Dawson asked Baker Colony’s Mack Waldner how they’ve managed to win 5 times.

March 16 – 31 Knowing how to save a trapped farmer is essential for every rescue crew.
Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, using a grain entrapment demonstration, showing how quickly a person can become entrapped

March 1 – 15 These agriculture greenhouses are also used to provide plant material for educational purposes.
See first-hand how agronomic practices and products affect crops, through examining living plants and diseased specimens.

February 16 – 28: The probe gives the temperature of the grain in your bin in real-time, sent to your smartphone or tablet
This video demonstrates how the temperature probe works if you don’t have a temperature cable set up in your bin

February 1 – 15 What are seed conditions like for the 2017 season?
A highly variable fall, with unwanted moisture during harvest has tightened high quality seed supplies in many crops.

January 16 – 31 Fish poop and green algae might help farms grow without having to expand
Researcher Ryan Sestric is testing a system where synthetic fish waste is the primary feed source for specialized algae, which can then be harvested for a variety of uses.

January 1 – 15 Agronomy Summit – 2016
The Western Producer’s Robin Booker teamed up with Lisa Guenther from Grainews and talked to some of the presenters at the summit.

Dec 15 – 31 All truck brands are put to the test in this annual comparison
Scott Garvey takes part in evaluating what’s new in 2016 for full-size pickup trucks.

Dec 1 – 15 Grainews editors spoke with Bengt Merkel about the development and abilities of the CombCut
This unique concept can selectively cut weeds out of a standing crop without any electronics.

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