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AGGronomyTV July 16 – 31 See video of some of the demonstrations at the CanolaPALOOZA 2017 is proud to present this new informative web video series. AGGronomyTV is a series of videos that covers today’s top issues related to soil management and crop production.

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July 16 – 31 See video of some of the demonstrations at the CanolaPALOOZA 2017
CanolaPALOOZA brought together the canola scientific community and industry partners to showcase some of the latest research and technology in the field.

July 1 – 15 Check out DOT, an autonomous, powered farming platform.
Norman Beaujot asks, "why do we need the tractor in the first place?"

June 16 – 30 Testing a patch of land that has been zero-till for more than 30 years vs. conventionally tilled soil
Soil specialist Marla Riekman and farmer Doug Wilton talk about their 'Soil Your Undies' project.

June 1 – 15 Late planting likely means more farmers will make the switch to soybeans
Wet May weather is hindering completion of planting, likely meaning more farmers will make the switch to soybeans from corn.

May 16 – 31 A demonstration of programming a drone and the on-screen tracking
It's the type and size of the sensor or sensors with which the camera is equipped that determines the level of analysis that can be performed after a drone has flown a field

May 1 – 15 The fish produce ammonia as a waste product.
Ammonia the koi produce goes through a series of bio filters where the biologicals convert it to a form on nitrogen that the plants can use.

April 16 – 30 Four equipment manufacturers display their seed treaters
These presentations were part of an event hosted by Bayer that focused on seed treatment.

Apr 1 – 15 Corn Yield Competition Winner Announced
Allan Dawson asked Baker Colony’s Mack Waldner how they’ve managed to win 5 times.

March 16 – 31 Knowing how to save a trapped farmer is essential for every rescue crew.
Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, using a grain entrapment demonstration, showing how quickly a person can become entrapped

March 1 – 15 These agriculture greenhouses are also used to provide plant material for educational purposes.
See first-hand how agronomic practices and products affect crops, through examining living plants and diseased specimens.

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