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Sept 1 – Sept 15: This diagnostic tool brings precision agriculture to fungicide applications
Growers typically get lab results from their submitted samples within 24 hours when testing for sclerotinia and fusarium.

August 16 – 31 Diagnosing phytophthora root rot in soybeans
What to look for when identifying phytophthora, when you should scout for it and what can be done if it appears in your soybean crop

Aug 1 – Aug 15: AgOpenGPS software can control auto-steer and tilt, as well as functions to turn the seeder or sprayer on/off
The program connects with an arduino (mini controller), over wireless technology, communicating GPS co-ordinates & speed

July 15 – July 31: A newly formed company called Connect, has produced a sprayer attachment for DOT
Rick Pattison, says the DOT platform enables short-line equipment manufacturers to enter the world of autonomous, robotic farming.

July 1 – July 15: Don Campbell believes the spot-spray approach using drones could be a valuable tool where traditional equipment may find it difficult.
The Kray drone, flying more than 100 km/h with a five-metre boom, can carry up to 15 kg of product for delivering insecticides at ultra-low volumes.

June 15 – June 30: Two recent weed identification days were held the second-last week of May re: points to watch for when Identifying seedlings
Alexis Stockford recently met with provincial weed experts to hear about key points to watch for when identifying weeds as seedlings.

June 1 – June 15: Greg Berg and Scott Garvey interview farmers in the Interlake to assess seeding and soil moisture
How seeding progressed for farmers and what they're seeing in terms of soil moisture

May 15 – May 31: Believe it or not, this is a soil test that can tell you a lot about the health of your soil. See the how to video.
Farmers can participate by burying their own cotton briefs and digging them up after a couple of months to see how their soil measures up.

May 1 – May 15: Weed science technician Dave Bilyea sees a lot of weeds brought to him by farmers wondering if they are a concern
Bilyea set up a display of weeds and answered questions on everything from wild Parsnip to waterhemp, chess grass, dog strangling vine and kochia.

Apr 15 – 30: Max yield potential for a given crop; what farmers can control and what’s up to nature
Alexis Stockford discusses what goes into maximum yields for various crops with Dr. Rigas Karamanos

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