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Mar 1 – Mar 15: Northeast Iowa farmer Tim Burrack shares some of the challenges he’s faced growing cover crops
Tim Burrack discusses why after farming for 40 years he decided to start growing cover crops

Feb 15 – Feb 28: This invention deploys a drop pan underneath your combine by remote control
In this video, Chris Sobchuk describes how the drop pan plus mobile app safely measure grain loss.

Feb 1 – Feb 15: The pulse industry must be prepared to meet more complicated specs for the food industry
Gordon Bacon, CEO of Pulse Canada, said that quality specifications for pulses have traditionally been based on size, shape and colour, but that is changing.

Jan 15 – Jan 31: See field demos of land-levelling equipment in action and improving land values
Spencer Myers gives you a quick look at how these machines take non-productive land and make a soft soil bed you can plant seed into

Jan 1 to Jan 15: The Council is reducing its role in extension agronomy and will no longer be doing market promotion
Canola Council is reducing its role in extension agronomy, relying more heavily on the private sector. “We’re not going to walk the fields with one or two farmers,” said Jim Everson.

Dec 15 – Dec 31: Smart Farming Panel of growers discusses technology solutions and how data helps them be more efficient day-to-day
Farmers share their thoughts on satellite imagery, weather information, and the role agricultural technology plays in efficiency.

Dec 1 – Dec 15: Sprayer power: Is electricity the next big thing in spray adjuvants?
"If drift is the issue. That electrical charge can make droplets stick to plant leaves," says Jason Deveau.

Nov 15 – Nov 30: The technology has revolutionized crop management and growers say it has also reduced the environmental impact
Less chemical is used per acre, and glyphosate itself is less harmful than herbicides that used to be used”, said Beet Growers vice-president Gary Vucurevich.

Nov 1 – Nov 15: John Greig talks to Brian Cofell about challenges of balancing harvested biomass while maintaining organic matter
Brian Cofell, general manager of the CSPC, says the co-operative owning the plant with Comet Biorefining is considered a real victory

Oct 15 – Oct 31: This fan-only cleaner designed to remove diseased grains is making it easier for producers to market their crop
Fan powered grain cleaners eases the transition from one crop to another helping to take the complexity out of grain cleaning.

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