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April 1 – 15: The world’s first autonomous soil electrical conductivity mapping unit
Fields are mapped from field equipment and data is transmitted wirelessly to the server. The SWATBOX collects soil electrical conductivity data while seeding or tilling. In this video, Derek Rude talks about how the technology works.

March 15 – 31: Mike Raine and Rob Fraley discuss the next generation of plant breeding tools like gene editing, RNAi, and microbials
But biotech pioneer Rob Fraley feels the biggest benefits to agriculture haven’t come from inserting genes or building custom chemical compounds to support plants, but in plant breeding.

March 1 – 15: Jim Tokarchuk & professor David Lobb discuss the potential costs of more intensive tillage practices
A discussion with Jim Tokarchuk (Soil Conservation Council of Canada) and soil science professor David Lobb about this issue

February 16 – 28: Inventor showcases serious technology to help spot spoilage before it occurs
Spectral imaging technology creates a 3D moisture map of your stored grain that can be viewed via a computer.

February 1 – 15: Hi-tech mechanical weed control was one of the features at this crop diagnostic school
Katherine Stanley explains some of the camera and computer technology the Garford cultivator uses to remove weeds

January 16 – 31: Precision agriculture has both sky-high potential and some very down-to-earth obstacles
Alexis Stockford reports from a precision agriculture workshop attended by industry reps, ag consultants and producers.

January 1 – 15: Valuable information on soybean maturity to help farmers decide which varieties to grow
Last September, Dennis Lange talked with reporter Allan Dawson about how soybean maturity ratings are made.

Dec 15-30 Hemp trials at Wayne Williment’s farm near Miami, Manitoba
Allan Dawson speaks with Alden Braul of Hemp Production Services about his hemp trials.

December 1 – 15 Ed Ford says banning glyphosate would put his farm at a competitive disadvantage
Last week the European Union failed to approve or reject the proposal for a five-year extension allowing glyphosate use

November 16 – 31 Marla Riekman took up a shovel at Crop Diagnostic School to show what’s going on with roots
Allan Dawson learns about root systems and the best tool (you likely already own) to help diagnose compaction

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