Between The Rows

Aerial applicators take on grassfires, “tilling” for low-gluten wheat, and searching Prairie skies for rain

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Karen Briere of The Western Producer on tinder dry conditions in Saskatchewan and some relief from above planned in the fight against grassfires, Lee Hart of Grainews on a new process called “tilling” that creates low-gluten wheat and other new food ingredients and Bruce Burnett of Glacier FarmMedia on the soon-to-be-critical need for precipitation on the Prairies and how currency issues in South America could soon impact Canadian farmers. Hosted by Laura Rance.

  • Denise

    I don’t recall people being gluten- intolerant until “They” got the bright idea to spray Roundup on the wheat crop, to desiccate it, before harvesting. Therein lies the problem,I would place my bet.
    In any event, spraying RoundUp on ANY crop just before harvesting it is a bad idea. It may help the farmers out for combining an even crop but it sure isn’t healthy for the consumers.
    Our guts can’t handle the glyphosate residues.
    And what about the children?

    • P_B

      I don’t recall so many people being gluten intolerant until Facebook came along. 🙂 PS – I rarely use glyphosate as a harvest aid, for a lot of reasons.

      • Denise

        That’s good news. There are lots of reasons for not using it. Informed North American consumers ( the numbers are growing) and many importing countries don’t want residues of Roundup in/on the grains and seeds because of health reasons and the costs of dealing with health issues, eventually. It boils down to economics, in the end.
        Thank heavens, informed consumers can still bring about change with their wallets.

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