John Deere 2430 Chisel Plow

Photo: John Deere

John Deere’s 2430 Chisel Plow provides better soil-breaking and leveling performance and is built to handle tough soils and heavy crop residue.

The 2430’s TruSet system gives operators on-the-go, in-cab shank depth control in 1/10-inch (.254 mm) increments across the entire width of the 2430 Chisel Plow, providing up to 900 psi (6205 kPa) down-pressure control of rolling baskets in changing soil conditions. Operators have up to four settings that can be customized for common field conditions, or they can make setting adjustments as needed.

The 2430 Chisel Plow comes with hardened-steel, knife-edge rolling baskets to effectively handle rocky fields and internal basket scrapers that prevent baskets from plugging under wet conditions. These active-hydraulic rolling baskets provide optimal field preparation for maximum soil firming, clod breakup and seedbed leveling. The rear hitch has been designed on both the chisel plow and nutrient applicator to enable operators to utilize additional tow-behind attachments, including anhydrous ammonia tanks.

Highly durable radial center-frame tires are standard on base equipment and an option on wing tires. These tires have a wider footprint and lower inflation pressure to help minimize field compaction and improve performance in the field and during transport. Castering front and Walk-Over Tandem wheels are standard on both the 2430 Chisel Plow and 2430C Applicators; single rear-wheel configurations are available on most chisel plow models.

The 2430 Chisel Plow is available in many sizes and configurations, depending on customer preference. This includes:

– rigid frame models with 11.67 to 17.33 ft. (3.56-5.28m) working widths;
– drawn rigid fold models with working widths from 17.5 to 20.5 ft. (5.3-6.25m);
– 3-section drawn flex C-shank models with working widths from 21.83 ft. to 43 ft. (6.65-13.1m); and
– 5-section drawn flex C-shank models with operating widths from 44 ft. to 63 ft. (13.4-19.2m).

“Like the 2410 Chisel Plows, the new 2430 models are built using high-strength steel tubing that provides the superior structural integrity customers have come to expect from John Deere chisel plows,” says Jarred Karnei, product marketing manager for John Deere tillage equipment. “These tillage tools are built to provide years of excellent residue incorporation and soil mixing essential to start the nutrient cycling for next year’s crop.”

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