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Agco offers up ‘highest-horsepower’ combine on continent

As we mentioned in passing last week, Agco’s German ag machinery arm, Fendt, plans to have what it bills as the highest-horsepower combines in North America, its Ideal 10 and 10T, in the field for 2021.

The new Class 10 Ideals offer up “maximum engine power of 790 hp, up to 20 per cent more throughput capacity than previous models and harvesting automation that makes operation easier and ensures top grain quality,” the company said in a release.

The 10 and 10T are the follow-ups to the Ideal 7, 8 and 9 introduced in the North American market in 2018, but boost the harvesting capacity by up to 20 per cent from the Ideal 9 “due to the increased horsepower of the MAN 16.2-litre engine and a 12 per cent increase in separation area.”

The added capacity, however, means no increase in “overall size or maneuverability” on the 10, with an 11.5-foot chassis width. The unit is available with wheels or with Fendt’s TrakRide system featuring 26-, 30- or 36-inch-wide rubber tracks.

The Ideal 10 also includes a “redesigned” cleaning system compared to its Class 8 and 9 models, with return pans “optimized to evenly distribute large amounts of material to the cleaning system while keeping the same simple and efficient manner of operation to minimize grain loss and increase grain sample quality.”

Grain drops down to the top sieve from the stratification pan through the Ideal 10’s WavePan cascades, the design of which adds curved double-drop steps, using stratification and gravity to help separate grain from foreign material.

The new units’ airflow is also split between the two drop stages, so “a constant airflow is generated over the entire length of the cleaning shoe for optimal cleaning and grain quality results.”

Rotors in the new Ideals’ dual helix processor are each 24 inches in diameter and nearly 16 feet long, generating “huge centrifugal force at a much lower speed, so the crop remains in the rotor longer, which is gentler on grain and straw.”

The new Ideals are also billed as having the “fastest unload rate in the industry” at six bushels per second via the Ideal Streamer 6.0 auger as standard equipment.

Available headers include the 9300 DynaFlex draper heads in 45- and 50-foot widths, along with the 15-foot 4300 pickup header and the Command Series 16-row corn head in chopping and non-chopping versions.

In the cab, the IDEALdrive, which was billed as the first joystick steering system on a combine from a major manufacturer, will be an option available in North America in 2021 for the 10T and for all Ideal TrakRide-equipped combines.

The new units’ IDEALharvest system also offers a “grain-quality” camera and sensors to provide “real-time crop-flow visualization” and direct the system to change settings and compensate for conditions to achieve the operator’s “pre-set harvest strategy.”

Preferences for minimizing grain damage, loss and MOG (that is, material other than grain) in the bin are set by the operator via a touchscreen tablet.

“Our engineers have designed substantially more power and cleaning capacity into the Ideal 10 without increasing the size of the combine,” Kevin Forth, Agco’s tactical marketing manager for harvesting, said in the release.

“Add the new IDEALdrive steering and TrakRide in combination on the model 10T combines, and these Class 10 combines will deliver more bushels harvested per day and even easier operation during long days harvesting.” — Glacier FarmMedia Network

Side view of the Fendt Ideal 10T. (Photo courtesy Agco)

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