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AAFC boosts 2012 canola, barley acreage ideas

Revised, Jan. 18 — Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada expects farmers in Canada to increase the area seeded to canola this spring to an all-time record high, while also raising the amount of ground to be seeded to barley, according to its latest 2012-13 acreage projection outlook.

The federal ag department’s market analysis branch cautioned, however, that the actual area seeded will be influenced by expected net returns, current prices, expected delivery opportunities, weather, crop rotation requirements, on-farm stocks as well as world events.

The area seeded to canola in the spring of 2012 was forecast at a record 19.768 million acres, which would be up from the previous record of 18.862 million seeded in the spring of 2011.

The area that will be seeded to barley in the spring of 2012 was seen increasing to 7.907 million acres from the 2011 level of 6.472 million.

The area seeded to all wheat was forecast at 24.192 million acres, which would be up from the 21.590 million seeded in 2011.

Of the all-wheat area in 2012, durum was expected to account for 4.767 million acres which compares with the 4.015 million seeded in 2011.

Producers in Canada were also seen increasing area seeded to oats. The analysis division forecast that oats area in Canada this spring will come in at 3.954 million acres, up from the 3.109 million seeded at the same time a year ago.

Flaxseed area in Canada was expected to come in at 766,000 acres, which would be slightly higher than the 694,000 seeded in the spring of 2011.

Total soybean area in Canada was estimated by the analysis division at 4.102 million acres, up from the 3.830 million seeded in 2011.

Dry pea acres, meanwhile, were also expected to run higher, with the market analysis division forecasting plantings at 2.965 million acres, compared with 2.328 million in 2011.

The market analysis division estimated 2012 summerfallow area at a modern-day low of 6.3 million acres. In 2011, the area left as summerfallow in Canada totalled 12.41 million acres.

Much of the area unseeded in 2011 was associated with the flooding in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Much of the increase in 2012 seeded area was associated with the reintroduction of cropland in Western Canada back into production.

— A previous version of this article incorrectly quoted FCC as forecasting flax acres for 2012 at 310,000, up from 281,000 acres seeded in 2011.

Table: Intended seeded area in Canada: Source: Market analysis division of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Figures in millions of acres.

  seeded area 2011-12
Crop estimate, seeded area,
  Jan. 17 Jan. 17
All wheat 24.192 21.590
   Durum 4.769 4.015
Oats 3.954 3.109
Barley 7.907 6.472
Rye 0.371 0.301
Corn 3.151 3.010
Flaxseed 0.766 0.694
Canola 19.768 18.862
Soybeans 4.102 3.830
Dry peas 2.965 2.328
Dry beans 0.247 0.171
Lentils 2.224 2.569
Mustard 0.358 0.316
Sunflower 0.111 0.032
Canaryseed 0.259 0.234
Chickpeas 0.136 0.126
Summerfallow 6.300 12.410
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