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CWB program to offer delivery period options

Prairie farmers delivering wheat and durum to the Canadian Wheat Board can choose their delivery period under a new optional delivery system.

Sign-up begins Aug. 1 for the CWB’s new GrainFlo program for the 2008-09 crop year, the board announced Thursday.

“Farmers want more control over when they deliver their grain,” said CWB CEO Ian White in a release. “This program delivers that flexibility while still ensuring that the CWB can call grain as needed to meet sales commitments.

“The reality in Western Canada is that the grain handling and transportation system simply cannot take all producers’ grain at once, so we have to be innovative.”

GrainFlo creates four defined delivery periods, offered for sign-up by October 31 and available on a first-come, first-served basis, the CWB said. The delivery periods will be November-December, January-February, March-April and May-June-July.

The GrainFlo system will co-exist alongside the existing Series A, B and C delivery contract system, which remains available as well, the board said.

GrainFlo will be available for up to 500,000 tonnes of Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat and up to 200 000 tonnes of Canada Western Amber Durum (CWAD), the board said. There will be 100 per cent acceptance on the CWRS contracts, while the CWAD contracts will be accepted to the same level as the Series A contracts. Deliveries into the later periods during the year will have associated storage payments.

Farmers can sign up for GrainFlo through the CWB’s online e-Services, or through their local elevator manager or by calling the CWB at 1-800-275-4292.

The pilot Delivery Exchange Contract program, which enables farmers to trade delivery opportunities between themselves, will also continue for next year, the CWB said.

White said in the CWB’s release that these programs represent some “workable solutions” to the challenge of providing farmers with control over the timing of their deliveries and improving the certainty of their cash flow, as well as the CWB’s “complex logistical challenge” of selling over 30 wheat, durum and barley products from across a “vast growing region.”

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