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Between The Rows

Between The Rows is a weekly podcast featuring the Glacier FarmMedia editorial team bringing you the ‘story behind the stories’ in ag news and markets.

Drawing from our more than 20 print and online brands, our reporting staff will discuss the top stories and latest developments in agriculture today.

The 25-30 minute weekly program is built around a team of rotating journalist-hosts that include:

  • Laura Rance, Glacier FarmMedia Editorial Director
  • Gord Gilmour, Manitoba Co-operator Editor
  • Ed White, Western Producer Reporter & Analyst
  • Dave Bedard, Daily News Editor
  • Robert Arnason, Western Producer Reporter

Between the Rows goes beyond the printed story and delves deeper to bring more detail on stories that affect today’s producers.

Each episode features 2 or more of the most important ag stories of the week, anchored by a comprehensive, in-depth look at the markets by one of our top analysts.


Crop year highlights and the nature of dry weather cycles

The 2020/2021 crop year has been 12 months of shocks and surprises. Canola nearly doubled in price and soybeans topped $15 per bushel, during a price rally that came out of nowhere. Ed White of the Western Producer, and Phil Franz-Warkentin with Glacier MarketsFarm, explain what has happened in grain markets since August 2020. Also, most Prairie farmers believe we are in a dry weather cycle, but is that actually true? Barrie Bonsal, of Environment Canada, shares his expertise on the definition and causes of dry cycles. Hosted by Robert Arnason.

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Cattle producers feeling the heat, past vs. present droughts, growing canola production

This week on Between the Rows we talk with Tyler Fulton, president of Manitoba Beef Producers, about the impact of the drought on the cattle sector; weather specialist Bruce Burnett of MarketsFarm offers his take on how the current drought on the Prairies stacks up against others in history; we also hear from Curtis Rempel from the Canola Council of Canada about how agronomy, not acres, is the answer to growing canola demand. Hosted by Gord Gilmour.

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Acreage revisions, carbon emissions, pandemic decisions

Statistics Canada and the U.S. Department of Agriculture last week both published new estimates of this spring’s plantings – some of which, as Phil Franz-Warkentin of MarketsFarm explains, were more surprising than others for grain traders. Also: Geralyn Wichers of the Manitoba Co-operator takes us on a field trip into the murky world of carbon offsets, and Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show president Doug Wagner reviews the many factors behind the cancellation of this year’s live event. Hosted by Dave Bedard.

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Where’s the beef (cattle market going)?

With the traditional beef burger facing new competition from alternative non-meat proteins, should Canada’s cattle producers be concerned? Food marketing experts Jo-Ann McArthur of Nourish Food Marketing and Len Kahn of Kahntact put the meat and meat-alike markets in perspective. As for the shorter-term outlook in beef cattle values, Canadian Cattlemen editor Lisa Guenther and Canfax’s Brian Perillat discuss current demand and supplies. Hosted by Laura Rance.

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Agriculture Canada forecasting drought, Canada competing with Ukraine, reviving tourism in rural Canada 

Farmers on the Eastern Prairies know they’re in a drought, but what they really want to know is – when will it end? On this week’s show you’ll hear from Trevor Hadwen, an agro-climate expert with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, who has designed a forecasting tool called the Drought Outlook. We also hear from Sean Pratt, a Western Producer reporter in Saskatoon, who has learned that Ukraine now produces more grain than all of Canada. Plus, Melissa Bezan, an intern at the Western Producer, explains why she wants to compete in an ‘Amazing Race’ in southern Alberta this summer. Hosted by Robert Arnason.

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Ag-economics and COVID-19, opportunities in grain marketing, whether weather and commodity prices

This week we hear from University of Manitoba professor Dr. Ryan Cardwell who co-edited an agricultural economics publication that looked at the first year of the pandemic; we get an update on commodity markets from Glen Hallick of MarketsFarm; and we hear from FarmLink CEO Mark Lepp about the company’s new grain trading platform. Plus, we hear a paean to the months of home-schooling complications many farm families have faced. Hosted by Ed White.

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Springtime signals shearing, animal protection laws see dispute, markets eye the weather

In this week’s episode, we visit a Manitoba sheep operation to document the annual rite of spring – shearing season; we delve into the world of agriculture protection legislation with Cam Dahl of the Manitoba Pork Council and Farmtario reporter Diana Martin; and Phil Franz-Warkentin of MarketsFarm tells us why right now is the mother of all weather markets. Hosted by Gord Gilmour.

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Frost risks, heat risks, negligible risk

As improbable as it may seem this week, the Prairies just came out of a cold snap leaving some growers wondering whether their crops would live to see the end of May. Canola Council of Canada agronomy specialist Jason Casselman explains what to look for — as well as when and where. Also: Canadian Cattlemen’s Association president Bob Lowe considers next steps after the declaration of Canada as a ‘negligible risk’ country for BSE, and Glen Hallick of MarketsFarm tracks canola’s path since it touched $1,000 per tonne. Hosted by Dave Bedard.

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A veritable charitable sensation, discussions with a ‘Dragon,’ canola crush plans surge

In this week’s Between the Rows, we hear how rain in the forecast turned into a shower of donations for Saskatchewan charities thanks to Saskatchewan farmer, Rob Stone; how venture capitalist Arlene Dickinson is giving upstart companies in the food business more than seed money; and how a surge in canola processing on the Prairies could be a game changer for Canada’s canola growers. Hosted by Laura Rance.

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More rain needed on the Plains, cattle producers seek water, why one Canadian is avoiding meat

Farmers in Manitoba, North Dakota and parts of Saskatchewan desperately need rain, but when and where will it fall? Bruce Burnett, of Glacier MarketsFarm, discusses the drought and the need for regular rainfall this growing season. Sticking with water, some livestock producers are dealing with half-full or empty dugouts this spring. Ryder Lee, from the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association, talks about the water shortage and the impact on cattle producers. Lastly, why is Generation Z removing meat from their diet? One young Canadian – Mila Frolek of Winnipeg – explains her shift away from meat. Hosted by Robert Arnason.

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