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Between The Rows

Between The Rows is a weekly podcast featuring the Glacier FarmMedia editorial team bringing you the ‘story behind the stories’ in ag news and markets.

Drawing from our more than 20 print and online brands, our reporting staff will discuss the top stories and latest developments in agriculture today.

The 25-30 minute weekly program is built around a team of rotating journalist-hosts that include:

  • Laura Rance, Glacier FarmMedia Editorial Director
  • Gord Gilmour, Manitoba Co-operator Editor
  • Ed White, Western Producer Reporter & Analyst
  • Dave Bedard, Daily News Editor
  • Robert Arnason, Western Producer Reporter

Between the Rows goes beyond the printed story and delves deeper to bring more detail on stories that affect today’s producers.

Each episode features 2 or more of the most important ag stories of the week, anchored by a comprehensive, in-depth look at the markets by one of our top analysts.


Time for a livestock manifesto, a brush with royalty, parched Prairies get a white-out

A growing number of Canadians have negative thoughts when they think about livestock – causing climate change, receiving unethical treatment and increasing antibiotic resistance. Mike McMorris, CEO of Livestock Research Innovation Corporation, says Canada’s livestock sector needs to unite and take collective action on these issues; reporter Karen Briere of The Western Producer shares a personal story from 2005 when she met Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who recently died at the age of 99; and Bruce Burnett of Glacier MarketsFarm discusses this week’s much-needed snowfall that blanketed the Eastern Prairies. Hosted by Robert Arnason.

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Coal mine puts water in peril, neonics not nixed, old crop vs. new crop canola

On this week’s episode, Canadian Cattlemen field editor Piper Whelan looks at the implications for ranchers to a proposed open-pit coal mine in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta; reporter Robert Arnason of The Western Producer discusses the implications for farmers on the recent Health Canada ruling on neonicotinoid insecticides; and Glen Hallick of Glacier MarketsFarm offers a look at old crop and new crop canola markets. Hosted by Ed White.

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Change comes to AgriStability, genetic edit rules get upgraded, seeding plans spring into action

Reporter Robert Arnason of The Western Producer joins Manitoba Co-operator editor Gord Gilmour to talk about an important ruling from Health Canada on gene editing; Bruce Burnett of Glacier MarketsFarm talks crops and the pluses and minuses of an early spring; and Alberta Farmer Express reporter Alexis Kienlen talks about the need for a better farm revenue program, and a proposal from the Prairie provinces. Hosted by Gord Gilmour.

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Joint ventures, cattle pictures, profit captures

A new report by western Ontario farmer and Nuffield scholar Mark Brock looks not only at the value of collaboration and resource pooling between farmers to improve return on investment, but also at why farmers in this part of the world often tend to resist that idea. Also: Lee Hart of Grainews tells us about the potential for facial recognition software, not for spying on people but for monitoring cattle; and Glen Hallick of MarketsFarm tracks canola’s downs and subsequent ups over the past week. Hosted by Dave Bedard.

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Renewable diesel, renewable fibreboard and the not so new canola story

A Calgary company is planning a renewable diesel mega-project for Regina. Doug Cole, CEO of True North Renewable Fuels, explains what they plan to build and how renewable diesel is different from biodiesel. Another Alberta company is constructing an $800 million fibreboard plant in Trochu. Reporter Jennifer Blair, with the Alberta Farmer Express, shares details of the project and what it means for prairie farmers. And Phil Franz-Warkentin of Glacier MarketsFarm tries to answer the $37 million question: is the canola rally nearing its end? Hosted by Robert Arnason.

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New tools for ag innovation, ranchers on the ‘front lines’ of biodiversity, spring commodity markets outlook

From bio engineering to engineering biology, this week’s episode hears from Steven Webb, CEO of the Global Institute for Food Security about how new tools are turning the tables on agricultural innovation. The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Kevin Teneycke explains how a new initiative will enlist the power of ranchers to protect biodiversity. Bruce Burnett, director of weather and markets information for MarketsFarm offers his take on what’s in store for spring markets. Hosted by Laura Rance.

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Food connectivity, travel perplexity, canola’s desirability

Next week a blue-ribbon federal advisory council convenes to discuss a food policy for Canada and ways to improve connections within the country’s food systems. Alberta Farmer columnist Brenda Schoepp shares her perspective as a member of the new council. Also: Diana Martin of Farmtario checks back with foreign farm workers trying to get home from their work terms in southern Ontario in the time of COVID-19, and Glen Hallick of MarketsFarm discusses what’s been lifting canola futures up above $800 a tonne. Hosted by Dave Bedard.

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Foreign worker worries, pork pricing perturbs producers, soil health meets precision ag

In this week’s Between The Rows, Gord Gilmour talks to Glacier FarmMedia’s Ottawa correspondent D.C. Fraser about the uncertainty surrounding foreign workers; reporter Robert Arnason of The Western Producer sits down with Alberta Pork’s Brent Moen to talk about why producers are upset about pricing; and Kevin Yaworsky hosts a special interview with sponsor Decisive Farming about soil health and precision agriculture. Hosted by Gord Gilmour.

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Taking a closer look at sustainable ag, cold weather and hot markets

This week’s Between the Rows looks at how one of Canada’s largest food processors is tapping into the growing interest in sustainability and how the Canadian industry is attempting to get Canadian food producers recognized for their efforts. We also talk with Bruce Burnett, director of weather and markets information at Glacier FarmMedia about cold weather, hot markets and a dry spring. Hosted by Laura Rance.

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