Between The Rows

Between The Rows is a weekly podcast featuring the Glacier FarmMedia editorial team bringing you the ‘story behind the stories’ in ag news and markets.

Drawing from our more than 20 print and online brands, our reporting staff will discuss the top stories and latest developments in agriculture today.

The 25-30 minute weekly program is built around a team of rotating journalist-hosts that include:

  • Laura Rance, Glacier FarmMedia Editorial Director
  • Gord Gilmour, Manitoba Co-operator Editor
  • Ed White, Western Producer Reporter & Analyst
  • Dave Bedard, AGCanada.com Daily News Editor
  • Robert Arnason, Western Producer Reporter

Between the Rows goes beyond the printed story and delves deeper to bring more detail on stories that affect today’s producers.

Each episode features 2 or more of the most important ag stories of the week, anchored by a comprehensive, in-depth look at the markets by one of our top analysts.


The birds and the beef, your right to repair, food waste by weight, and how low will canola go?

Lorraine Stevenson, reporter with the Manitoba Co-operator, reports on why conservationists should consider supporting beef producers to help protect species-at-risk, Scott Garvey, machinery editor for Grainews, discusses how technology and copyright is influencing the right to repair debate for farm equipment, Farmtario editor John Greig reports on a new study that looks at the amount of food waste occurring before it reaches consumers, and Phil Franz-Warkentin of MarketsFarm offers his take on the struggling canola market and what –if any – optimism is to be found in soybean markets. Hosted by Gord Gilmour.

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Slowing the spread of clubroot, amalgamations and seed royalty proposals, and bullish wheat markets ahead?

Scott Keller, a mixed grain farmer in New Norway, Alta., talks about his concern over the advancing spread of clubroot in canola crops and what producers can do to prevent the yield-robbing disease from extending its range, Allan Dawson with the Manitoba Co-operator reports on crop organization mergers and why Manitoba farmers are feeling “checkoff fatigued,” while offering an update on the seed royalty proposal debate, and Mike Krueger, an analyst with World Perspectives, reveals what factors are in play for him to predict that wheat markets look bullish in 2019. Hosted by Ed White.

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Replenishing your ‘emotional bank account,’ farm bachelors in Quebec looking for love, and markets post-U.S. government shutdown

Farm family coach and Grainews columnist Elaine Froese discusses the unique relationship challenges facing farm couples and the importance of maintaining your farm team’s “emotional bank account,” Martin Métivier, television producer for Attraction Images, talks about its reality show “L’Amour est dans le Pré” (Love is in the Field) that’s playing cupid to help bachelor farmers in Quebec find love, and Phil Franz-Warkentin of Glacier MarketsFarm offers his report on how the markets reacted after the recent end of the U.S. government shutdown. Hosted by Dave Bedard.

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Canada’s beef sector weathers a changing climate, addressing celebrity misinformation, and sizing up consumers’ food choices

Vegans, flexitarians, global warming, oh my! Canadian Cattlemen editor Lisa Guenther reports on some of the issues impacting Canada’s beef producers and how the sector is responding, Timothy Caulfield, research director with the University of Alberta, discusses the celebrity influence of food trends and what the beef industry can do to address misinformation, ‘food professor’ Sylvain Charlebois talks about the shift in Canadians’ food choices and how the beef industry can stay relevant with consumers, and Glen Hallick of MarketsFarm reports on some of the factors affecting cattle prices. Hosted by Laura Rance.

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Glyphosate residues halt organic exports, strategies to improve soil health, commodity markets remain uncertain

Gary Johnson, president of SaskOrganics, describes the challenges for organic producers due to the European Union’s tough stance on glyphosate residues, organic specialist Laura Telford talks about the growing demand for organic proteins and some of the export challenges facing Canadian organic producers, David Lobb, University of Manitoba soil scientist, talks about the urgent need for farmers to prevent soil erosion and what they can do to help increase soil biomass, and Phil Franz-Warkentin of Commodity News Service Canada takes a look at the week in commodity markets. Hosted by Robert Arnason.

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Recorded live at Manitoba Ag Days: ‘Food Guide’ renewed, getting ahead of clubroot, streamlining grain dryer approvals, and more

Recorded live at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon, reporter Lorraine Stevenson reports on what made it into the new ‘Canada’s Food Guide’ released earlier this week, Allan Dawson talks with John Guelly about how Manitoba producers can get ahead of clubroot in canola, Alexis Stockford reports on a provincial government announcement that could streamline grain dryer approvals, Cam Dahl of Cereals Canada and JoAnne Buth of Cigi reveal some of the challenges facing Canadian wheat in international markets, and David Derwin of PI Financial talks about investment options that can increase your profitability. Hosted by Gord Gilmour.

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Seed royalties meet resistance, ‘nozzle guy’ spells out inversion, will heat rise up in 2019?, and markets continue under uncertainty

Allan Dawson of the Manitoba Co-operator reports on the latest developments in the seed royalty proposal, from St. Jean Farm Days, Scott Kehler of Weatherlogics offers his weather forecast for 2019, Tom Wolf of Agrimetrix reveals why it’s crucial that farmers understand ‘inversion’ before spraying dicamba, David Drozd of AgChieve offers a market outlook and which commodities may offer opportunities, and Phil Franz-Warkentin of Commodity News Service Canada reports on the impact the U.S. government shutdown is having on markets. Hosted by Ed White.

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Regenerative agriculture grows, DON spoils markets for corn growers, and politics impact markets

Alexis Stockford with the Manitoba Co-operator reports on the growing interest in regenerative agriculture and the wide range of benefits it can offer producers, John Greig, editor of Farmtario, offers an update on how growers in Ontario have been affected by this past year’s corn harvest and the high DON levels that are creating a very limited market, and Ashley Robinson with Commodity News service Canada reports on what’s making commodity markets move, and more importantly, what’s not. Hosted by Dave Bedard.

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Trade deals, the Trump effect and much ado about the weather: a look back at 2018

Glacier FarmMedia editorial director Laura Rance, reporters Ed White and Robert Arnason of the Western Producer, Manitoba Co-operator editor Gord Gilmour, and Bruce Burnett, director of weather and markets information for Glacier FarmMedia, discuss some of the top news stories and developments that had an impact on agriculture in 2018. Hosted by Laura Rance.

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Canadian Cattlemen’s editor retires after a career spanning three decades

This week’s show features an interview with Gren Winslow, who is retiring from Canadian Cattlemen Magazine after 33 years as editor. Guests Dave Wreford, former editor of Country Guide, John McKinnon, beef researcher with the University of Saskatchewan and Charlie Gracey, former executive vice president of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association talk about the contributions Gren made to the industry during his tenure. Hosted by Laura Rance.

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