Between The Rows

Between The Rows is a weekly podcast featuring the Glacier FarmMedia editorial team bringing you the ‘story behind the stories’ in ag news and markets.

Drawing from our more than 20 print and online brands, our reporting staff will discuss the top stories and latest developments in agriculture today.

The 25-30 minute weekly program is built around a team of rotating journalist-hosts that include:

  • Laura Rance, Glacier FarmMedia Editorial Director
  • Gord Gilmour, Manitoba Co-operator Editor
  • Ed White, Western Producer Reporter & Analyst
  • Dave Bedard, AGCanada.com Daily News Editor
  • Robert Arnason, Western Producer Reporter

Between the Rows goes beyond the printed story and delves deeper to bring more detail on stories that affect today’s producers.

Each episode features 2 or more of the most important ag stories of the week, anchored by a comprehensive, in-depth look at the markets by one of our top analysts.


Meat’s importance to Canadians, Alberta’s cattle herd looks to spur growth, and crude sends dollar on a slide

Sylvain Charlebois, University of Guelph professor and co-author of the recent Canada Food Price Report, talks about the future of Canada’s beef industry and the “right” to eat meat, Jennifer Blair with the Alberta Farmer Express reports on the state of Alberta’s cattle herd and how recent trade deals offer potential for growth, and Bruce Burnett, director of markets and weather information for Glacier FarmMedia, looks at some of the factors keeping the Canadian dollar low and the latest news impacting commodity markets. Hosted by Robert Arnason.

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The precision ag sector looks to export growth, what’s new in the precision ag, and the markets get a short-term boost

Recorded at the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada annual meeting in Winnipeg, Gord Gilmour talks with AMC executive director Steve McCabe about the state of the precision agriculture sector, Owen Kinch of DOT Technology Corp. and Darcy Cook of JCA Electronics discuss how technology applications are changing the face of precision ag and which ‘pieces of the puzzle’ are still missing, and Ashley Robinson of Commodity News Service Canada visits the show for a market update and explains how a dinner meeting at the G20 summit in Argentina buoyed the markets… at least for a little while. Hosted by Gord Gilmour.

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What we know about a case of bovine TB, grain transport full steam ahead, these sheep models are a success, and will the G20 offer a chance for an olive branch?

Barb Glen with the Western Producer reports on what we know about a recent case of bovine tuberculosis in a B.C. cow, Lisa Guenther of Canadian Cattlemen speaks with Shannon Benner of 4-H Canada about a new scholarship opportunity and separately with Sean Finn of CN Rail about this year’s grain transportation, John Greig of Farmtario examines a variety of approaches to sheep production in Ontario, and Bruce Burnett of MarketsFarm takes a look at the markets and offers his perspective on the upcoming G20 leaders summit and how commodity markets may react when, and if, China and the U.S. meet face to face. Hosted by Dave Bedard.

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Hay yields on the decline, promoting perennial forages, when will the U.S. and China make nice?, and India’s pulse market opens up

Lisa Guenther, associate editor with Canadian Cattlemen, speaks to Vern Baron of the Lacombe Research Centre about a study looking at declining hay yields and Dr. Henry Janzen with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada about the importance of perennial forages, Ed White of the Western Producer talks with trade policy expert Bill Lapp about the escalating trade war between United States and China, David Przednowek, marketing director with CN Rail, reveals why China’s demand for Canadian soybeans is “hot,” and Ashley Robinson of Commodity News Service Canada offers an update on why pulse imports to India are poised to pick up but that the 2019 crop year for canola is likely to struggle. Hosted by Ed White.

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Hope floats for Manitoba pork producers, organic sets its sights on the future, and soy and wheat set sail

Gord Gilmour, editor of the Manitoba Co-operator, shares why Manitoba pork producers are optimistic about their sector despite a variety of recent setbacks in the industry as a whole, Michael Sligh, organic farmer and founder of the National Organics Standards Board in the U.S., discusses some the challenges that lie ahead in the organic industry and what it needs for future growth, and Bruce Burnett, Glacier FarmMedia director of weather and markets information, offers our weekly look at the markets and reveals which commodities are pulling ahead in terms of exports. Hosted by Laura Rance.

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Blockchain meets big business, wet grain storage tips, organic food processing blooming, and the week in markets

Ralph Pearce, field editor with Country Guide, reports on the major business players adopting blockchain and how the technology is poised to improve agricultural commodity trading, it’s been a tough harvest on the Prairies, so Digver Jayas, grain storage expert at the University of Manitoba, offers producers advice on aeration and what they need to pay close attention to if storing high-moisture grain, Laura Telford, organic specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, talks with Laura Rance, Glacier FarmMedia editorial director, about the state of organic food processing in Canada, and Phil Franz-Warkentin of Commodity New Service Canada takes a look at the week in markets. Hosted by Gord Gilmour.

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Pork’s reaction to the CPTPP, farmer impact to the carbon tax, Foodgrains gets a “Top 10” nod, and weather and trade impact markets

Gary Stordy of the Canadian Pork Council and its reaction to Canada’s signing of the CPTPP trade agreement, John Greig, editor of Farmtario, and Allan Dawson, reporter with the Manitoba Co-operator, discuss impacts farmers in Ontario and on the Prairies are likely to see in the federal government’s carbon tax price plan, Musu Taylor-Lewis with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank talks about its recent recognition as a “Top Ten Impact Charity” and what that means for the charity, and Ashley Robinson with Commodity News Service Canada offers a harvest report and how the race for the finish line – and one particular president – is affecting markets. Hosted by Ed White.

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An ‘Ag Belt’ to tighten sprawl, biological crop inputs, bad weather barley in Alberta, and a harvest update

Farmtario editor John Greig reports on an ‘Ag Belt’ idea proposed by two Ontario politicians to help protect farmland from urban sprawl, Sean Pratt of the Western Producer reports on the growing interest in ’biologicals,’ crop inputs made from naturally occurring organisms, Alexis Kienlen with the Alberta Farmer offers an update on the impact weather has had on Alberta’s malt barley quality and if a shortage is looming, and Glacier FarmMedia’s Bruce Burnett offers a Prairie harvest update and what’s he’s watching in commodity markets. Hosted by Gord Gilmour.

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Seed industry looks to revenue streams, used grain dryer regs baffle, and a prairie harvest update

Allan Dawson of the Manitoba Co-operator reports on what options Canadian seed industry groups are looking at in order to generate more revenue to pay for plant-breeding research, Alexis Stockford of the Manitoba Co-operator discovers the frustration Manitoba farmers are facing when trying to get a used grain dryer up to spec in anticipation of wet crops, and Phil Franz-Warkentin of Commodity News Service Canada offers a prairie harvest update and how harvest delays are affecting markets. Hosted by Laura Rance.

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Dairy industry reaction to supply management concessions, are plant traits staying on trend?, and canola markets stay stagnant

Robert Arnason with the Western Producer speaks with John Greig, Farmtario editor, about dairy farmer reaction to concessions made on supply management in the USMCA trade deal, Owen Wagner, agricultural economist with LMC International, talks about how plant breeders aren’t keeping up with global trends for traits in oilseed crops, and Bruce Burnett, director of weather and markets information for Glacier FarmMedia, reveals some of the factors keeping canola futures markets ‘rangebound’ and how export markets are faring. Hosted by Robert Arnason.

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